Could Nathan Drake be one step closer to hitting the big screen?

The Uncharted series is one of my personal favourites and I’ve been waiting for what seems a lifetime for Nathan Drake, the modern day Indiana Jones to star in a movie adaptation. The closest thing to Uncharted in recent years was the Nicholas Cage National Treasure films, but with games to movie adaptions often tanking at the box office, it looks bleak as to it ever getting made.

Rumours have been abound that Mark Wahlberg was at one-time to star as Drake, but they were always just that – rumours. Not that he would be my first choice, as I’ve always fancied Fillion or Chris Pratt for the role thanks to their comic timing and stature as action heroes. And this certainly makes for a great audition tape for Nathan Fillion.

Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

Thanks to an article by Kotaku, news of this unofficial fan-film has come to light.

Starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake and Stephen Lang as Sully, this well-produced film directed by Allan Ungar features all of the trademarks of an Uncharted adventure. References from previous adventures like El Dorado, hilarious one-liners, and even over the shoulder gunplay make this awesome short incredible. I really hope this fan film works like the Deadpool test trailer all those years ago and picks up a head of steam that might help push Sony to consider making an epic Uncharted movie.

Treasure puzzle solved, trophy complete.