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Since May, Bethesda has been teasing its fans about Fallout 76. However, during the E3 conference, they dropped some major bombshells about the game. Todd Howard, the game developer, has made several revelations which include, its release date, the kind of game it is and what fans should expect.  The game is surely going to be similar to the fun with a virgin casino bonus code.

The release date

Bethesda announced that the release date would be on November 14, 2018, during the E3 press conference. However, there was some bit of interesting information added to the announcement. For all fans who pre-order the game there will be a beta Fallout 76 available.

About the game

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer online game that offers an American take of the post-apocalypse. The game will take place exactly in West Virginia and is quite different from the traditional single player games that have been released by Bethesda.

As a result, players will be sharing the platform with a few more players. In a retro-future with sci-fi technology humans, mutants and ghouls must fight to the tooth to protect their respective territories. The 1950s aesthetic presents an irradiated American fantasy nation destroyed by nuclear bombs. Your player will be one of the first to break out of the vault in the year 2102 and has to learn how to survive.

What Makes the Fallout 4 Special?

The game features Fallout’s fourconstruction features and defence systems. Therefore the bases that are shownin the game can easily be destroyed by enemies. Fallout 4 is an explorative game that casts the player in the vault. The survivor series is set100 years later, and the player has to survive though they get weapons and all relevant resources. In Fallout 76, the player is placedin the same environment against other players. However, the environment for Fallout 76 is about fourtimes widerthan that of Fallout 4.

Bethesda has been developing games, and the mod has been a big part of the whole process. Skyrim was thought to be the best mod game, but Fallout 76 is going to be big. But even Bethesda itself is not sure if the modded game will work. The likes of Ark: Survival Evolved are online games that have mod support, andthey have worked. Bethesda just has to make sure that the game does not get jeopardized.

Fortunately for single players, there is some good news yes, they can play alone. The game gives players alone experience to explore the huge world fighting not just human players but also monsters and robots. Every human met in the game will be a real person.

Todd Howard has pointed out that it is the experience of the game that matters. The whole idea of Fallout 76 is to give players a world which they can collide. Battlecry studios will help out in developing the online game separate from Fallout 4. We just have to wait it out.