Countdown to chaos.

Cedar Games, an indie studio based all the way out in Cologne, have launched a Kickstarter for their post-apocalyptic survival RPG, Z-Alert. The campaign is only running until September 6, 2018, and they need 50 000 EUR to fund it and let it make its way to PC, Linux, and Mac.

What is Z-Alert, you ask? It’s a highly customisable survival-sim/role playing game, set a vibrantly illustrated world. Lost and alone in forest surrounding a city teeming with the living dead, players must use everything at their disposal in a fight for their life and chance to be reunited with their family.


“Development is well underway on Z-Alert” said John Nash, chief designer at Cedar Games, “It’s an ambitious project and the team has set our sights high, which is why we are asking for help bringing our vision to life. With your support we’re looking to create a fresh and colourful take on the survival sim genre.”

Aiming to be highly accessible to all, the game is built around four key themes:

  • Customisation: This is unparalleled – tailor almost anything to suit your play style, from the mechanics of the game to the arrangement of the user interface.
  • Survival: Accessible yet rewarding, you’ll be able to scavenge resources, craft essential items, and manage your supplies across a vast rural, post-apocalyptic environment.
  • Simulation: Strategic shelter management is the core of Z-Alert. Build, develop, and expand your home, maintain the wellbeing of its inhabitants, defend it from unwanted visitors, and explore the deep forest around. Keep juggling… if you can.
  • Role-Playing: The games features in-depth player progression mechanics, skill systems, tactical combat, character interactions, and an emotionally charged, environmentally-minded storyline.

Interested in supporting the campaign? Check out the Kickstarter here, and to sweeten the deal, there’s a variety of backing rewards.