Life’s about to get a little bit stranger…

As fans waited with baited breath, August 20 has finally rolled around, and DONTNOD Entertainment have finally revealed the first trailer for Life is Strange 2. We’ve got the video, as well as a few extra details from the official Life is Strange blog.

According to the official tumblr, there’s to be five episodes, and the first of these will release on September 27, 2018, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Steam. Life is Strange 2 will tell the story of brothers Sean (16) and Daniel Diaz (9), who lived in Seattle, Washington state, until a tragedy forced them to go on the run from the police. Threatened with being separated from each other, and jail time, they’ve decided to flee to their family’s home town of Puerto Lobos, Mexico. If you were paying attention to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, you’ll probably recognise these two from the very end of the episode.

Sean will be the playable character, and you’ll be making hard choices along the way as you raise Daniel; he’ll grow and change depending on what he’s taught and how Sean acts as his role model. And, of course, there’s a whole new power, a fresh cast of characters, and brand new settings, plus other features that will be revealed later this week. As well as this, composer Jonathan Morali is back, to compose an original score to go with the game’s licensed soundtrack.

If you can’t wait until September (and I know I certainly can’t) gameplay footage will also be released over the coming days via their Youtube channel, and if you’re heading to Gamescom 2018, stop at the the Square Enix booth (Hall 9, Booth B31) to play the opening scene.

Preorders are open now, though it looks to only be digital at the moment. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments.