Out of the pan and indie the fire.

Welcome back to another week of indie fuelled goodness with our weekly roundup of the indie news you need to know about. With Gamescom looming over all of us this week there’s a slew of news that we’ve had to trim down so it’d fit in one neat little article. So, have a read and catch up with the big stories for small games – except they’re not that small.

Fear the Wolves Enters Early Access

The latest Battle Royale hopeful is about to go through the paces of early access. Fear the Wolves, being developed by Vostock Games, will be available on Steam from August 28.

Fear the Wolves offers players the chance to survive in the Chernobyl wasteland, where they’ll not only have to watch out for other players but also PvE elements all whilst combating the effects of radiation.

Players will also have to make use of an extraction system, though just what this system is and how it works remains to be seen. But the very inclusion of an extraction system looks to set Fear the Wolves apart from the many, many other battle royale games around – and suggests that the game won’t be down to a single player surviving.

You can try out Fear the Wolves on Steam’s early access from August 28, with the game aiming for a full release in 2019.

Old Games, New Platform: 11-Bit Studio Send a Trio of Titles to the Switch

Nintendo gave Switch players a lot of good news during Gamescom, reeling off a list of indie hits that’ll soon be making their way over to the Switch.

At the top of the list is something we already knew was making its way over to the Switch, that being 11-Bit Studio’s ARPG, Moonlighter. But, that same studio is also sending over their new project, Children of Morta. Offering up some scintillating hack ‘n’ slash action as you fight to protect the legacy of your heroic ancestor – y’know, normal stuff.

Switch players will also be able to play This War of Mine, an emotional roller-coaster that shows the silent, everyday effects of a combat-zone. If you’ve got the Xbox Game’s Pass, you can actually try This War of Mine right now, but if you’d prefer to wait for the Switch port, then you won’t have to wait too long as the game will be arriving on the Switch this November.

First Look: A Plague Tale: Innocence Shows of Footage at Gamescom

Ah, 1349. It was a year of revolution! well, it was for plague-ridden rats anyway. And that rat revolution is in full swing after the happily-named A Plague Tale: Innocence was showcased at Gamescom.

The game showed off a rampant 16-minutes of gameplay, following protagonists Amicia and Hugo as they try to make their escape from this horde in medieval France.

The game is very much an adventure, with the two having to switch between running, sneaking, and hiding in order to avoid the lurgy-rats. In a strange – but an undoubtedly historically accurate turn of events, it’s Amicia’s pendant, which emits a dim glow, that seems to be the only deterrent for the rats.

There’s still no specific release date – or even a window, for A Plague Tale, so be sure to keep an eye out here for more information.

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