Hungry like the wolf… for more quests

PC players have been tucking into The Elder Scrolls Online’s werewolf DLC for a couple of weeks but console player can finally go and explore the new dungeons the expansion offers as Wolfhunter – along with the equally well-named Update 19, arrive for PS4 and Xbox One.

Wolfhunter brings two new dungeons in both “Of Sacrifices” and “Moon Hunter Keep” offering up new beasties and bosses for you to search out and murder as well as new equipment and treasure to help you along your journey.

The update will be free for ESO Plus players but will need to be bought seperately by everyone else. Keep in mind though that ESO is free to download on Xbox if you’ve got the Games Pass – pretty nifty that thing!

Along with the Wolfhunter DLC, PS4 and Xbox players will benefit from the game’s 19th update, introducing a series of gameplay improvements, a new battleground map in the Istirus Outpost, changes to the PvP mode in the game. Finally, there’ll be small fixes to how you manage your skills and improvements to the whole werewolf skilltree.