I feel like chicken tonight.

A slip up from the Korean classification board has all but confirmed that the massively popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is on its way to the PS4.

Having already made the move to Xbox earlier this year and then to mobile devices, the move to the PS4 was one that a lot of people expected but this classification leak is the closest we’ve had to any concrete evidence of a port. Though as for when the game will arrive or how much it’ll cost remains to be seen.

This is the translated leak from the Korean classification website and it’s still live at the time of writing

The £25 most people paid for the XBox One version of PUBG probably won’t be replicated on any PS4 version, what with the game finally out of its game preview phase.
But with Fortnite having claimed so much ground on PlayStation already, it remains to be seen whether PUBG can break into that player base.

The leak comes in as the game is going through a slew of gameplay changes, bug fixes, new maps, and an all-new training area, giving both new and experienced players new ways to get to grips with the basics and hone their play styles further.

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