Treat your head to some good vibrations.

Razer has announced their new flagship gaming headset, the ‘Razer Nari Ultimate’. Promising to deliver the ultimate gaming audio experience, this new headset features ‘Hypersense Intelligent Haptics’.

That’s some jargon, but what does it all mean? Well here’s Razers explanation of the new tech. “Razer HyperSense utilizes haptic drivers that generate multidimensional haptic feedback, enhancing positional awareness with stereo capabilities. The technology works across all formats of gaming, music and movies without specific integration by converting audio signals into tactile feedback in real time”.

Basically, the gaming headset will convert some of the audio sounds it receives into vibrations that you can feel. How this will work in practice, I have no idea, but the idea sounds intriguing.

Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan said: “Razer consistently creates products with innovative technology to give gamers the best gaming experience possible. With the Razer Nari Ultimate, we are championing a whole new way for gamers to feel their games through Razer HyperSense.”

There will be three versions of the Nari: the Nari Ultimate, Nari, and Nari Essential version, all varying in price.

  • Nari Ultimate: 200 $/EUR
  • Nari: 150 $/EUR
  • Nari Essential: 100 $/EUR