There’s an official band, too.

Paradox has announced that Crusader Kings 2’s new expansion, Holy Fury, will be arriving on November 13.

The medieval strategy game is getting a new expansion that will see a return to its roots as you take on the role of a Pagan chieftain who’ll need to fight his way up the ranks to earn respect as well as allies. You can check out the announcement trailer, above.

Some of the new features coming in the new expansion include new types of Crusades, a Pagan religious reform system that lets you customize the new faith, and the ability to create Saints which will increase the value of their final resting place.

Additionally, ‘neo-folk-metal’ band, Pagan Fury has become the official band of Crusader Kings 2 – you can check out their first single ‘Until the Day We Die’ on Spotify here.

Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury is set for release on PC and Mac on November 13.