Don’t lose your head over it.

If you’re up for repaying your debt to society in blood, then Scum’s prison survival game is just the thing for you. And the new features included with the Wild Hunter update look set to make things a lot more dangerous – and a bit more musical.

Players will be able to be a little more stealthy in the arena now, with bow and arrows now available in the game. There are two types hidden in the arena, with the basic improvised bow and the rarer but longer-lasting recursive both. Similarly, the new carbon arrows offer more durability than the basic wooden arrows. The Wild Hunter update is the first iteration of the new weapons, so they might be over or underpowered at the moment.

Players can also try to warn off would-be threats with a colourfully visual deterrent – a decapitated head on a spike. Yup, players will be able to use blueprints to figure out how to put an animal or human head on a spike and shove it in the ground. But if decapitation isn’t your creative cup of tea, the Wild Hunter update also brings in musical instruments. Players will be able to bang out a tune using either a banjo, harmonica, or guitar – here’s hoping we stumble upon some prison bands next time we’re in the arena.

There have also been a few balance changes, the most notable being a decrease in the spawn rate for military loot, which has been reduced by half. And the spawn rate for normal loot has also been decreased quite substantially, with loot being cut by 25%. You can see the full list of changes in the latest patch notes.