Give Ashe a go.

The latest free trial for Overwatch is set to kick-off on November 20 before wrapping up on November 26. You can begin downloading the game now, but you won’t be able to play until 7 pm (GMT), 8 pm (CET), and 11 am (PST).

The trial opens up the entire roster of heroes for players to try out, including the cowboy outlaw, Arthur Mor- I mean, Ashe. You’ll also get a look at all 19 maps and generally do everything that’s included in the complete version of the game.

As always, any progress you make during the trial will be carried over if you decide to buy the game. Though, there hasn’t been any mention of a discount for buying Overwatch during the trial.

You can begin downloading the Overwatch free trial now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – though you will need online memberships for console or a Blizzard account for PC.