Rebel on the go.

How does raging a rebellion during the Spanish Inquisition? Familiar? Well, maybe. But the latest mobile game, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion will have you doing just that.

The game appears to be in the same vein as the AC Chronicle series, but players will also be building up their fortress and adding to their brotherhood ranks in order to put a dent in the Templar’s various schemes. You’ll be able to play as some familiar face in the game, with Ezio, and Shao Jun being accompanied by… Machiavelli? Did he even do any fighting in the games?

Rebellion will also hold limited time events letting you work towards unlocking Odyssey protagonists Kassandra and Alexios.

And for a mobile game, Rebellion doesn’t look half bad, with its graphics being optimised for the latest iPad Pro but it’ll probably look okay on older tablets as well. You can pick AC Rebellion up for Apple and Android for free but you can expect a whole bunch of micro-transactions.