It’s raining more than just bullets.

A group of dataminers uncovered what looks to be a set of weather variations for a handful of maps in Black Ops 4, reports Eurogamer (story via Videogamer).

The news comes after the game’s latest update, and points to locations like the Firing Range being turned into a nighttime ordeal, while the Seaside map will get a glowing sunset makeover with the chance of a few showers – I really missed my calling as a weather reporter.

Coverage of the datamine from YouTuber Nero’s Cinema suggests that these are two new maps, though it seems like th layout of each will remain the same except for the time of day and weather.

There wasn’t any news of the Blackout map getting similar treatment or even how these two alternative maps would be released, either as free maps or as part of a paid DLC package.

Black Ops 4 released in October and has had a fairly excellent reception already, despite not having a single-player mode. Our Stu reviewed it a while back and said it was one of the finest games in the series.