Totally radical.

The wannabe 90s child hero, Rad Rodgers, is shooting his way on to the Switch and bringing along a complete “Radical Edition” of his adventure to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC as well. There’s no specific date as of yet but players will be able to play as one of four new characters and play through a new co-op game.

The Radical Edition sees Rad joined by four new – well now new – heroes. With Shadow Warrior’s Lo Wang bringing his erm… character to the game. Also making a return that nobody asked for is Duke Nukem and he’ll be bringing the same distaste we all expect from him. Old school her Cosmo will also be a playable character, for those who aren’t too familiar, think of Cosmos as a Yoshi before Yoshi was a thing. And – for some reason – on of the game’s alien inhabitants is a playable character now as well.

The new playable characters co-incide nicely with the announcment of a new co-op mode being included with the Radical Edition, letting you and a friend bash up some aliens together. Or if teamwork isn’t your thing, then the new mini-game mode looks like it’ll do enough to pu a strain on even the strongest of frienships, hooray!

There’s no word yet on when the Rad Rodgers Radical Edition will be available to buy, but an early 2019 release window seems like a safe bet. Our Stu reviewed Rad Rodgers a while back, praising the game for its colourful design and gameplay that managed to recapture that chaotic 90s scene pretty succinctly.