Neumann is reportedly joining Netflix.

Activision Blizzard has moved to terminate the employment of CFO Spencer Neumann this week, amid rumours that he’s moving to join Netflix.

The decision is said to have no bearing on Activision Blizzard’s “financial reporting or disclosure controls and procedures” and seems to have more to do with the news reported on Monday by Reuters that Spencer Neumann is moving to join Netflix as CFO after only two years with the company. Netflix hasn’t made any official announcements at the time of writing but according to this SEC, Neumann has been placed on a “paid leave of absence” and Dennis Durkin has taken over as Activision Blizzard’s CFO, effective from yesterday.

The latter part of 2018 hasn’t been great for Activision Blizzard; BlizzCon left many fans angry that a mobile Diablo game was announced, rather than the much hoped for Diablo 4. The fact that it was revealed at the end of the Opening Ceremony – a spot usually reserved for the big announcements – led to fans calling out Blizzard for being out of touch with their audience.

It was also more recently come to light that Activision is taking more interest in the day to-day running of Blizzard which, until now, has succeeded in retaining its independence as a studio. It seems that Activision’s increasing influence is pushing Blizzard to “cut costs” while pushing out more games. This is further backed up by the employees being offered cash to leave Blizzard’s employment at its Irish customer service hub in Cork, last month.

As chief financial officer, perhaps Neumann”s imminent departure will mean Blizzard (as well as the other studios under the Activision umbrella) will get a respite from the recent wave of cost-cutting. Or perhaps that was precisely the reason that compelled Neumann to seek out employment elsewhere?