The last entry in the SEGA AGES series is now available for Switch via the eShop. Out Run 3D, the game that launched a legacy, is now available for €6.99 and makes use of the Nintendo Switch’s motion controls along with a new ranking system.

Obviously the game features the classic tracks and soundtracks familiar to all fans of the series.

The game, first conceived the name Dead Heat, is the brainchild of Yu Suzuki, the father of Shenmue, was initially a F1 racer. However development switched and it became a driving sim with a commercial car to make it stand out from other racers at the time.

Yu Suzuki and fellow developer Yoji Ishii where inspired to make this game after watching The Cannonball Run. The opted to use a backdrop of Europe due to the wider variety of landscapes.

This version of Out Run includes all the music from the 3DS version along with all-new arranged versions of songs from the Genesis/MegaDrive and Master System releases