The latest Elder Scrolls: Legends expansion is now available to preorder.

Digital card game ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’, is getting a new expansion on January 24, 2019. Titled‘Isle of Madness’ this update features new cards and a story that follows a desperate father who’s willing to take a trip into madness to save his son.

Available for PC, iOS, and Android devices. Isle of Madness features new card and lane mechanics, with a theme of transformation and insanity, and a story that offers a mixture of both hilarity and tragedy. Visit The Elder Scrolls: Legends website to preorder and find more information on the expansion.

Isle of Madness expansion launch trailer.

All players who preorder or purchase the three-chapter bundle for £16 upon release will also receive the Prince of Madness card. However, you can also purchase individual chapters for the in-game price of 1000 Gold per chapter.

For players that want to go big, there is the Three Pack Premium Bundle, available for preorder for £40 which includes all three chapters, one card back, one premium card back, two titles and all of the Isle of Madness cards unlocked, premium, and playable upon release.