But there’s still something for solo players.

BioWare’s Michael Gamble has confirmed that the upcoming MMO-shooter, Anthem, will have a social space for players to impatiently run around in after all. The developer had initially decided against the idea but after some input from fans, the game will now host a social hub for players. The changes were only added in the recent weeks as Anthem’s February release date draws ever closer.

If you’re coming into Anthem with a solid group of friends who have agreed to sink some serious hours into Anthem, having that social space to just “hang out” is probably quite important. But BioWare had been against having its home base, Fort Tarsis, used as a social gathering spot for off-duty Freelancers. The home base was, and still is, designed to be a solo experience for players to explore the world and get a better understanding of the story.

But after fans voiced their concerns, BioWare has recently added in a social hub area for players. The space is called Launch Bay and, at launch, will host 16 players in each hub. Much like the Tower in Destiny, Launch Bay will be an area to show off your fancy gear and accomplishments to other players. Players will have the choice at the end of each mission to either return to the solo-area Fort Tarsis or the multiplayer area of Launch Bay.

Unfortunately, Launch Bay won’t be playable in the upcoming VIP Anthem Demo which runs from January 25 to January 27, nor will it be in the open demo during February 1 to February 3. Though it’s expected to be ready for the game’s early access launch on February 15.