Hello there, Father!

Remember Joseph Seed? If you finished Far Cry 5, you’ll probably remember that ‘es the chap you end up becoming roomates with furing th apocalypse. And it seems that Joseph Seed’s influence hasn’t waned too much in the new world of Ubisoft’s upcoming sequel to Far Cry 5.

A new story trailer for Far Cry New Dawn gives us a fairly interesting teaser for what’s to come. Having finally made your way out of a bunker and seen the new world, life starts off pretty well in Far Cry New Dawn. But it’s not too long until the antagonist twins we saw in the reveal trailer rock up, and explain that you and your settlement are too weak, so everything now belongs to them. Cool.

Being a bit of a dick move on their part, the takeover doesn’t go down too well with you, and people suggest that you make a deal with the New Eden group up north. A hop and a skip later, you’re showing a New Eden Bible to a doorman and getting a bit of facetime with, you guessed it, Joseph Seed.

Time seems to have been fairly kind to the charismatic Father, and he’s well up for helping you. Of course, all this suggests that once you’ve taken care of the troublesome twins, Joseph Seed may very well need to be taken care of as well.

We’ll have to wait and see how the story plays out but it’s an interesting twist. Honestly, I’d have prefered Ubisoft to have kept this underwraps until the game was fully released but it’s an inclusion that a lot of people were expecting. It’s unfortunate that Far Cry is available on mobile because you can pick up some great deals over Metrofone.co.uk.