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What games do you like the most? Some may love the action genre, with all the shooting and adventure involved. Others like to go fast with some cool racing games. No matter what you like though, if you are looking to try out something new, you can check this out anytime; we are sure you are going to love it.

However, if breaking away from the norm is what you do best, and you do not want to be with the herd even when it comes to playing video games, here is a list of the best indie games you can get to play on your PC right now.

1.    Return of the ObraDinn

This one is one of the most amazing games we have played. As an insurance adjuster from the year 1807, you roleplay your way into the ObraDinn which is a mysterious merchant ship that was apparently lost at sea. A long game of logic and puzzle, you need to identify sixty dead bodies- and mind it identifying even one is a task here.

2.    Into The Breach

This is a game of tactics which also has a significant amount of depth in its storyline. The beauty of this game is that you will not be able to control all aspects of the game but only a few. You also have to stop aliens termed as Vek from taking control of your buildings. This is one challenging game to beat them all.

3.    That Dragon, Cancer

This game is heart breaking, and yet you cannot stop yourself from playing it. You are to follow the journey of Ryan and Amy Green as they survive a fight against their son Joel’s cancer. It is an adventure game that deals with serious issues, but you cannot let it go because of the graphics and the overall theme that is bound to keep you hooked.

4.    Her Story

If you are interested more in games with a gripping storyline that mindless gunning and bombing, then the unique video game of Her Story is what you are looking for. The game takes you through snippets of police questioning of a musician and actress called Viva Seifert whose husband has suddenly disappeared. The story is gripping and always keep you guessing.

5.    Papers, Please

A puzzle game, Papers, Please is one of the most underrated games of all time. The gamer roleplays an immigration officer whose apparent job is only to check whether people who are passing from one side of the border to the other have their papers in order and are safe or not. It is a game that has depth, and you must play it in reality to understand its real significance.

If you are bored of commercial games that only involve the same kind of linear plots, you might want to give some of these hidden gems a try, and we can assure you that you will not regret your decision.