Betas also get dated.

Daybreak Games has announced a few key dates for the upcoming spin-off for PlanetSide, PlanetSide Arena. The game’s first season will arrive on March 26, though there will be beta periods and early access dates for those of us who pre-order the sci-fi shooter.

PlanetSide Arena’s original release date was pushed back by two months last week, with Polygon reporting the delay being down to improving “crucial features,” in the game. The upcoming online shooter will now run a beta session on January 30, while an exclusive beta session for pre-order players kicking off on February 20.

The new release date is now March 26.

PlanetSide Arena will play out as a playlist of FPS match styles, and the planet itself acting as a staging area, from what we understand. Along with the traditional modes like your Deathmatches and Capture the Flags, PlanetSide Arena also offers a mass-battle royale mode, with the starting number seeing a 250 vs 250 player count, which seems excessive. Though Daybreak devs reportedly said that this number could increase to a 500 vs 500 battle royale down the line.