All I wanna do is just bang, bang, bang.

Circle Entertainment and developer Ironward have announced that top-down shooter, Solstice Chronicles: MIA is heading to the Switch on February 7. Spanning across 20 stages, it looks like the game will be spent mostly shooting angry mutants in the face. Still, with the game going for £14/$15/€15, it could be worth a look when it arrives next week.

As you can see from the trailer, Solstice Chronicles looks set to be all about that action, offering up 20 stages of shooty-goodenss. Accompanying players for the adventure is a series of big guns and skills that you’ll be able to use for, ahem, massive damage.

You’ll also be able to make the most of the game’s co-op mode, with single Joycon controls making playing with a mate that bit easier. Along with the Story Mode is the game’s Survival Mode, offering up the challenge of survivng wave after wave of mutants.