T-Virus not included.

The recent Resident Evil 2 remaster has been a resounding success for Capcom; and for fans of the Resi series the good news continues. Capcom in cahoots with the people over at Laced Records have remastered the original soundtracks from Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 and then slapped them on an audiophile grade deluxe double-vinyl collection.

Composed by the Capcom Sound Team, Masami Ueda, Makoto Tomozawa and Akira Kaida, Resident Evil’s brooding score became a benchmark for horror games, giving the original genre-defining masterpiece a persistent and unnerving sense of claustrophobia.

In contrast, the Resident Evil 2 Original Soundtrack conveys fundamental themes of panic and desperation via varying musical styles. Featuring ambient horror, industrial pieces and rousing militaristic anthems you’ll experience classic orchestral compositions alongside ominous piano underscores, taking you back to Racoon City’s iconic Police Station, Sewer and Underground Laboratory.

The bad news though is that Resident Evil (Original Soundtrack) and Resident Evil 2 (Original Soundtrack) vinyl infections are currently contained to North American and EMEA territories only.