We need a medic over here!

The newest hero for Overwatch has arrived on the game’s Player Test Region. Baptiste, a medic who’s just as handy with hurting folk as he is with healing them, has a few other nifty gadgets that look set to make him a pretty popular choice.

Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher is one such gadget that hurts and heals simultaneously, with the rockets it launches dealing damage to opposing players while healing allies in its area of impact.

Along with the launcher, Baptiste also boasts two healing abilities. The Regenerative Burst, which, well, creates a burst of healing energy for Baptiste and nearby allies. Then there’s the Immortality Field, an ability which will surely be nerfed or removed in the near future as it allows Baptiste to use a device that turns allies invincible when they stay with its area of effect. The device can be destroyed but it certainly sounds like an ability that’ll cause the opposition a few problems.

Baptiste’s ultimate ability is the Amplification Matrix, which allows him to deal double damage and double the healing properties of his projectiles, very helpful!

The new hero is live now on the Overwatch PTR but Blizzard hasn’t given any indication as to when we’ll see a full release of Baptiste.