Welcome to Galar.

Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct revealed the first look at the new instalments of the mainline Pokemon games, with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield arriving on the Switch in late 2019.

Set in the all-new Galar region, the new island plays host to bustlings cities, lush countrysides, and snowy mountains, we’re pretty sure there’ll be a couple of cave for you to explore as well because… y’know, it’s a Pokemon game.

The Direct presentation also showed off the three new starter monsters players will be able to choose from. There’s the (we’re assuming) grass-type chimp monster, Grookey; the fire-based rabbit, Scorbunny, and the fairly offputting water-type, Sobble which looks a bit like a sad balloon.

There’s no specific date for Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield yet, though GameFreak has said both games will release worldwide simultaneoulsy in late 2019.