Celebrating two years in the wild…lands.

The last Special Operation, named Guerilla, is now live for Ghost Recon Wildlands and features a band new Horde mode for players to try out. While the final Special Operation might not cover a theme the same way previous operations did, Guerilla looks like it’s offering up a fair amount of challenge for players.

The crux of Guerilla is that new horde mode, which sees you defending key locations against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. You can play it either solo with AI teamamtes or squad up with three other friends. You’ll be locked into your loadout during each wave but can swap out weapons during a short break, which should prove quite useful when it comes to the latter moments of stages.

Gureilla will also offer players two new maps and a new class in the PvP Ghost War mode. The new class, Sapper, uses a drone that can fire concussion mines, slowing down enemies and affecting stamina allowing you to move in and (hopefully) finish the job.

Along with the new gameplay, Gureilla brings in a handful of updates based on community feedback, namely the compass from Ghost War is now available in the solo campaign as is the ability to change the time of day.

Special Operations 4 is live now and will be the final Special Operations for Year Two of Ghost Recon Wildlands.