Long division.

The latest trailer for The Division 2 is all about what’s in store for players during the first year of the game, with three new episodes set to arrive later this year along with new specialisations for your agents. All the content will arrive as free updates though players with a Year One pass will get an additional eight missions to play through.

The first major update will arrive a little after the game’s release with the Tidal Basin episode taking players through a raid on a stronghold owned by the Black Tusk faction. This is followed by Operation Dark Hours, a new eight-player raid, the first of its kind for the series. Not much is said about this other than team work will be a focal point, though the gameplay looks similar to the game footage we saw after the game’s E3 revel last year.

The new episodes for the game will arrive in summer, autumn, and winter of this year, bringing rise to new threats that look to destabalise the country further and make your job a bit more difficult. Episode One will have you exploring the outskirts of the D.C. Area where you’ll come up against new enemies in two new missions.

Episode Two will take players to a banged up Pentagon as you look to uncover a few secrets that are buried away in the government stronghold. No details were given about the third episode, which arrives this winter, other than it’ll bring the Year One story to a close while gearing up for a new plot in Year Two.

Along with the new episodes, class specialisations will be available when Episode One arrives, offering players a chance to change up or refine the kind of playstyle you rely on. Again, details on these new specialisations are pretty light but it sounds as if we’ll be getting a few more violent toys to try out later this year.

The Division 2 arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC through the Epic Games Store and Uplay on March 15. If you’re still not convinced by what you’ve seen, you can play the open beta for the game from March 1 to March 4.