Welcome Down Under!

Ubisoft has released a new update titled Operation Burnt Horizon for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This new update includes two new operators along with a new map set in the heart of Australia.

Current owners of the Year 4 pass can use the new operators as of today while other players will need to wait until March 13 in order to unlock them with Renown or R6 Credits. The new map available to everyone.

Here’s a brief introduction of the two new operators:

  • Mozzie is an Australian Defender who can hack and control enemy drones.
  • Gridlock is an Australian Attackers who has barbed maps at this disposal; quite useful when wanting to slow enemies down.

The new map, dubbed Outback, is a medium-sized map set on the lost Australian highways and serves as an homage to forgotten service stations lost in Australia’s Red Heart.

Furthermore, there’s a new Casual playlist to help newcomers and players under level 50 learn basics and hone their skills. The playlist will include Bomb mode for classic maps that best represent the game’s core gameplay. Ubisoft also tweaked the Ranked gameplay experience by having the minimum level required at 30.