One look, three kingdoms.

Creative Assembly have just dropped a gameplay video showing off their big bad – Dong Zhou, so you can take your first look at a tyrannical warlord in action:

Taking control of China, seizing lands, and generally causing havoc – it’s safe to say your game won’t be boring anymore. Driven by greed and the need to incite fear, he gets rid of his opponents, and with his playstyle relying on executing government officials, claiming vassal states as his own, and coercing deals out of those too weak to rise against him, he’s got the Han Dynasty in his unstoppable sights.

You can unlock his campaign by defeating his army in a battle, or by reaching the rank of Emperor, bringing the total number of playable warlords to twelve. Each of the warlords have their unique strengths they’ll have to employ to unify Ancient China, so choose wisely.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS will launch on PC on May 23, 2019.