Better late than never, Firestorm is incomming.

We’ve had to be patient, but the time is almost up on the wait for Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode “Firestorm”. I myself am a day-one veteran who was quite surprised at what seemed like a very feature-light Battlefield debut. The promise of ongoing content updates and a Battle Royale mode many months ahead had me wondering if I had made a mistake in buying what seemed like an unfinished project.

Well roll on 4 months and Criterion Games and EA/DICE drop the bomb with a action-packed Firestorm trailer showing how battle royale is done the Battlefield way.

Using the biggest map ever created for a Battlefield game, 64 players will group-up into 16 squads to battle it out until only one squad remains. Work together to secure objectives like in Conquest mode that grants rare gear, and capture vehicles that are stashed around the map, like tanks, helicopters, and anything else with wheels (insert epic tractor chase here).

Here’s hoping the action is as good as the trailer, because with competition from Apex Legends and Call of Duty’s Blackout, Firestorm will need to be epic from the start.

Firestorm will be available to all Battlefield V players on March 25.