Something called a Human, whatever that is.

Just when you thought you were out, World of Warcraft pulls you back in it seems. Blizzard has announced a slew of new quests, characters, and more, arriving in the Tides of Vengeance expansion to the Battle for Azeroth DLC.

The big news for the expansion is that players will have a couple of new characters to try out after both the Kul Tiran Human and Zandalari Troll proved their worth in the Battle of Dazar’alor, having been made into new characters that you can begin levelling up. There aren’t any details on what these two character types will be able to do just yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as there’s more info.

New quests will also be coming to Azeroth, the headline one being a new mystery plot surrounding the Brawler’s Guild. As you’d expect, there aren’t many details about this quest either because, y’know, mystery, though Icy Veins has put together a guide detailing the basics of the questline so check that out if you’re looking for an early leg-up.

Beyond the new characters and quests, Blizzard has also teased a couple of new boss battles that are set to arrive on April 17, with a two boss raids coming to the Stromsong Valley in the cheerily named “Crucible of the Storm,” that sounds fun, right?