How much wilder can the game actually get?

The first season of Apex Legends is set to start tomorrow, March 19, and along with a brand new Battle Pass, players will get the chance to try out adrenaline junkie hero, Octane.

Rumours surrounding new character Octane have been doing the rounds for quite a while but Respawn had put off confirming his existence to the very last minute. The PlayStation Blog had a few words about the man of the hour, detailing his ultimate ability explaining that his “Launch Pad Ultimate Ability lets his squad fly through the air with the greatest of ease.” Octane’s other power will allow him to swap out his health for speed but just how this works remains to be seen. Essentially, Octane sounds like he’s going to be Apex Legend’s version of the Stimpack Pilots from Titanfall 2 – a very fast-moving hero (just in case you haven’t played Titanfall 2!)

Along with the new character, Respawn will also be introducing a new Battle Pass system. You can pick up the pass for 950 Apex Coins (the gold ones in the game) or else spend £8 on getting the new pass. Either way, the new Wild Frontier season sounds as if it’ll be throwing up a lot of new content whether you opt for the Battle Pass or not.