Here’s a hint – fishing, clothing, and care packages.

There’s a new free roam event for the Red Dead Online Beta – Fishing Challenge. You’re invited to compete against other players across Lakes, Rivers, and Swamps, with whoever catches the most weight in fish being declared the winner. In case you’re new to this, the Fishing Challenge is the first in the Free Roam Event rotation, and the schedule for what is yet to come is below:

March 26 – Target Races and additional PS4 early access content: Open Target Races.

April 2 – Showdown Mode: Up In Smoke

April 9 – Showdown Mode: Plunder

Along with the new gameplay, each week will have differing bonuses, which can vary from XP boosts, discounts, care packages, and more besides. There’s also new limited time clothing coming in and out of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. This week’s limited time editions are the Gator Hat, Woodland Gloves, Ortega Vest, and the Pelt Half Chaps, but if that’s not enough for you, this week’s bonuses are a 30% XP boost on hunting animals, and a Fishing Care Package that includes five Live Crickets, one River Lure, one Lake Lure, and one Swamp Lure. All care packages can be received at either your Camp’s lockbox or the Post Office.

Happy fishing!