It’ll make you look like a right mug.

Cuphead, the devilishly difficult run-and-gun is coming to the Switch on April 18. Nintendo announced the news today during its showcase.

The delightfully designed platformer was originally released on Xbox One and PC back in 2017, and Nintendo made special mention of the company’s “friends at Microsoft,” during its announcement, presumably while Sony sat at home eating ice cream and crying under a blanket.

Cuphead made a name for itself thanks to its retro 1930’s style design, taking inspiration from classic Disney cartoons and fleshing it out with adorably murderous bastards lurking in every level, not to mention a collection of bosses that includes a whacked out carrot.

There’s no word yet on what the Switch version of Cuphead will include but the Nintendo release of the game will hopefully include all the DLC Cuphead has received since its initial release. So, yes, Cuphead is coming to the Switch on April 18, hooray.