Ding Ldong.

IO Interactive has announced details on Hitman 2‘s next Sniper Challenge, titled The Pen and the Sword. Arriving on March 26 for Expansion Pass owners, the new Sniper Challenge takes players to Shanghai’s Hantu Dock.

Well, you’ll be close to the docks anyway. Being a Sniper Challenge, Agent 47 isn’t really in the mood for close combat and so will be tucked away in a tower by the looks of things. Much like the first Sniper Challenge, the new The Pen and the Sword mission will have you picking off a trio of main targets along with a convoy of criminal henchmen going by the name of Heavenly Guard.

You’ll be able to tackle the mission as a solo Agent 47 or team up with a friend as co-op team Stone and Knight. The new Sniper Challenge will play by the same rules, with higher scores awarded for slever shooting, using the rifle’s power to hit targets from ledge or shooting enemies into hiding places will see those points stack up.

We’re also expecting a few new challeneges to show up, with The Last Yardbird mission offering up some absolute doozies for players the first time around, it looks as if The Pen and the Sword will have quite a bit of work to do to match the first challenge.

Hitman 2’s new Sniper Challenge, The Pen and the Sword, arrives on March 26 for players with either the Expansion Pack 1 or the Expansions Pass. There hasn’t been any details about the map’s individual price but we’ll update you if and when this changes.