Who murdered the King?!

Curve Digital and Ironoak Games have announced their plans to bring the critically acclaimed rogue-like RPG, For The King, to consoles next month.

For The King is a strategic RPG that mixes tabletop and roguelike elements with high replayability value.

Players will set foot in the land of Fahrul where the king has been murdered by an unknown assailant and the queen has been pleading for her citizen to help find the culprit and bring him (or her) to justice.

Thanks to its procedural mechanic, no playthroughs are the same as maps, quests and events are generated differently every time you replay the game. The Lore is the game’s currency at the core of the game’s replayability. Lore is acquired through battles, story events and quests and carries over to your next playthrough. It can be used to purchased new characters, encounters, customization options, items and locations.

The game will come with all previously released expansions on PC. It will also include a multiplayer component where you can play with friends online or locally on your couch.

Here’s what Michael Fisher, Product Manager at Curve Digital, had to say about this annoucement:

After an incredibly successful debut on PC, For The King has become one of our most prolific titles. We are incredibly excited to bring For The King to console containing all of the updates and free DLC that have been given to the previous version over the last couple of years. The console edition is a complete edition that you can play solo, with friends, or online – on any platform of your choice.

For The King will be available on PS4, Switch and Xbox One on May 7th, 9th and 10th respectively. The game will also offer a 20% launch discount.