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Recently, gaming on mobile devices has become quite popular among a wide variety of audiences, particularly children. Mobile games have been treading alongside PC games for some time now, and I have to say they have improved, greatly. So is it safe to ask the following: is mobile gaming becoming an equal to computer gaming?

There is evidence that mobile games have become as good as computer games. One obvious proof is the graphics. Some might argue that games like Clash Royale or Angry Birds have a cartoonish look but that’s because those games were designed like that to appeal to a larger audience i.e. children. Games like I, Gladiator, Modern Combat 5, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, Traffic Tour, Shadowgun, Wild Blood and many others prove that mobile games can rise and meet up the graphical challenges of computer games.

On the other hand, to play any kind of game you need good hardware. Today’s games don’t have yesterday’s graphics so, in order to play them you need a state of the art processor and a next-gen graphic card, as well as a large amount of RAM memory. We’re lucky because both mobile phones and computers have those things. However, the computers are one step ahead simply because of bigger cases. The bigger the computer case the more room there is for the components to “breathe”. The components of mobile phones are jammed together in tiny cases, which causes them to heat up quickly. As a result the game might start glithcing or just crash. That’s why computers have coolers to regulate the temperature of the components. The hardware heats up but can be cooled down.

When you’re playing a computer game, you’re playing it on a much bigger screen than a phone screen. Gaming on a computer or TV screen is a much better experience than giving your eyes a hard time on a mobile phone.

I would say that the ads in mobile games are the most annoying thing in the history of gaming. I understand the need of a company to make money through advertising, but having an ad in the middle of a level is just too much. It will definitely mess up your high score. So how do you get rid of those pesky ads? Simple, you buy and ad-removing app. This is not the case with computer games. Sure they have ads in them. Old school games had ads in the background and newer games have posters of upcoming games in the actual game. Sometimes, easter eggs are used as a way to show a new product.

Another thing computer and mobile games have in common is the Pay to Win feature. You can always play for free but for a small amount of money you can get that item that gives your character more damage or buy that skin that changes the appearance and gives your character better stats or get that special chest that gives your character an awesome gear. Or you can put your character to work and not spend a dime, it’s your choice.

In conclusion, I would say that today’s mobile games and mobile phones are good. They have a solid foundation for the future of mobile gaming however they still have a lot to learn from their gaming kin-computers.