What’s indie spotlight this week?

Hello and welcome back to another of our Indie News Roundups! Rezzed is done and dusted and while we had a whale of a time there, we’re glad to back back to a normal schedule, well, as normal as indie news ever gets anyway. There were a few tasty morsels to sink out teeth into this week so let’s get straight to the good stuff.

Bubblegum Fatale brings Bad Girl to Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Travis and Badman will be getting some company in the anthology-esque Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes in the new DLC, Bubblegum Fatale.

The expansion, which releases today, introduces Bad Girl as a playable character after you’ve finied the new “Killer Marathon” stage. Along with the new stage and character, a new adventure story segment and skills be be available for Travis while Bad Girl will also come with two skill sets exclusive to her.

Bubblegum Fatale is available now from Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes and is included in the game’s season pass or you can pick it up separately.

Wargaming’s MMO Pagan Online hits Early Access

Wargaming is better known for its affinity with vehicles more than its treatment of things with legs but the World of [insert military vehicle here] developer has teamed up with Mad Head Games to bring us Pagan Online and it;s available on Early Access right now.

Pagan Online sounds like it’ll cover a lot of what we’ve come to expect from your run-of-the-mill MMORPGs, with a hefty emphasis on PvE gameplay, daily and weekly community events, and the promise of endless loots to fill your coffers with.

Along with the social side of things, Pagan Online also boasts a five-act single-player campaign for you to go through. We don’t know much about what the story will entail but we do know that it’ll most likely be a decent way for you to get to grips with the game.

The Early Access version of Pagan Online launches with eight characters available to unlock though the chances of that number rising throughout the game’s development seem pretty likely.

You can get your grubby mits on Pagan Online for £23 on Steam.

Daymare: 1998 promises a return to classic survival horror

Invader Studios, made up by the same people who put together the never-releases Resident Evil 2 Reborn project, has announced Daymare: 1998 will arrive on PC this summer, with a console release planned soon after.

Daymare: 1998 is very much a throw back to the survival horror of yesteryear (also known as the 90s), boasting limited ammo, save points that are in short supply, and – oh yeah – terrifying monsters.

From what the trailer shows, it sounds like Daymare will hit a lot of the same notes as classic Resident Evil titles, with the trailer’s narrator (and what seems to be the protagonist) mentioning a corporation that “sought to control everyone and everything,” having a hand to play in those aforementioned terrifying monsters showing up.

The early footage looks pretty bang on so it’s well worth keeping an eye on Daymare in the lead up to its summer release for PC.