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The gaming sector is often considered one of the most rapidly-evolving areas of tech. A little like the phones on which we play them, the famous games are constantly being updated, and new releases are accompanied by plenty of publicity and media attention – you only have to think back to last year’s release of FIFA 2019 and the 4.3 million units that were sold in the first week for a case in point.

Despite the constant advances, though, games are a form of leisure. There are those of us who, on finding a game we like, want to stick with it, just as we might enjoy listening to music or watching movies from years gone by. The following games are ones that have outlived others and are as popular today as they were on release. Are they the gaming equivalents to Led Zeppelin or The Godfather?


There are hundreds of online casino sites that each contain hundreds of slot games. Yet one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Starburst is one of those slots that everyone has heard of, and it’s been around since the dawn of the online casino age, having been launched in early 2012. Seven years on, it’s still the most popular slots game of them all, despite being very basic compared to some of the latest releases. It proves that sometimes the simplest things are the best. You’ll find the game on practically every slots site, so it is worth checking on nz to see where you can get some lucrative bonus offers and play to win without having to put any of your own money down.

Sonic the Hedgehog

When Sega released the Mega Drive in 1991, buyers were able to start their games collection off for free with Sonic. The game is as much a part of early 1990s culture as Britpop, New Labour and Wayne’s World. Perhaps these associations are part of the reason for its continued popularity today. Taken at face value, it is a platform game similar to many others, but there is something about that little blue hedgehog that we just can’t get enough of. Today, you can play Sonic on iOS or Android, and while the game has had some updates, many of the levels have been ported directly across from the original 1991 release. Party on!

Pac Man

Those with an even longer memory might have cut their gaming teeth in their local arcade, in which case Pac Man will hold all sorts of associations. Next year will mark 40 years since the game’s initial launch, and who would have thought back then that in 2019, we would be playing the same game but on handheld phones, and without the need to insert a coin? There are a few versions out there you can download. The original is free to play, while for a few pounds, you can buy Ms Pac Man and enjoy all 256 levels without being interrupted by ads.