First wave kicks off on May 4.

Blizzard has opened its ticket stalls ahead of BlizzCon’s return in November. There are now three ticket types that you can choose from if you’re going there but we don’t know about online passes just yet. Tickets will be available across two days, May 4 and May 9. All ticket tiers will be available on both days, unlike previous years.

Those of you going to BlizzCon later this year will have the choice of three ticket types, with a basic ticket, which gives you access to the live conference, a bunch of in-game bits and pieces during the conference, and access to the conferences pre-game events. The base ticket will set you back a fair bit, costing you $229.

There’s also the BlizzCon Portal Pass, which offers the same essentials as the base ticket along with early entry, access to the Night at the Faire event, and entry to the Portal Pass Lounge, along with some other bits and pieces. If you thought the base ticket was expensive, then hold on to your socks because the Portal Pass is going for $550.

If that wasn’t expensive enough for you, then why not consider the BlizzCon Benfit Dinner Pass, which offers everything the conference has on, along with an invitation to a benefit dinner that’s raising money for CHOC Children’s which is raising money to promote healthy living for children. The dinner will see you rubbing elbows with developers, artists, and a bunch of other people from Blizzard. You can get the Benefit Dinner pass for a whopping $750.

All three tickets will get you a collectible statue for free, with a choice of an Orc Grunt or Human Footman. Tickets will be available on May 4 and May 9 ahead of BlizzCon’s return on November 1 and 2.