Keep on truckin’

BigBen has announced a new racing sim titled FIA European Truck Racing Championship with n-Racing’s proprietary KT Engine which has been seen in the past in other racing sims such as WRC and V-Rally. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One this July.

This newly announced racing sim promises a new experience for racing fans. Driving a 5 ton monster is vastly different than a racing car or a motorcycle. It will require a special racing game expertise.

So how do races work in FIA European Truck Racing Championship? Each race will feature 12 trucks doing four sprints of 45 km each with special passing techniques, physics and inertia distinct from any other type of vehicle. The truck’s gas tank needs to be managed manually in order finish the race.

Here’s what Georg Fuchs, Director of ETRA had to say:

We are delighted with the quality and attention to detail within the official racing simulation for the FIA ETRC designed and produced by the renowned Bigben company. The techniques employed by those engaging with this educational, fun and detailed software mirror those faced by truck heroes whether on track or on the road. It also shines a light on how skilful and dedicated you have to be in mastering the intricate controls of a large scale vehicle like a truck. We cannot wait to embrace the FIA European Truck Racing Championship when it is launched on multiple formats this July, and we are sure that thousands of ETRC fans will be delighted with this fascinating engagement which will help breed new truck heroes all over the world.