Nine-year-old rain.

Quantic Dream has re-released the PC demo for Heavy Rain after having to pull the teaser from the Epic Games Store after a bug was found to be the culprit causing players grief when trying to start the game though many players were left a bit peeved with the anti-piracy software, Denuvo, being included with a free demo.

The PC demo arrived on May 24 before being pulled by the developer after only a couple of hours. Quantic had received a handful of comments telling the developer that the game wasn’t working. Quantic tweeted that the demo had been pulled while the team looked for the cause and has since fixed the error and now the demo is fully playable through the Epic Games Store.

Exactly what the issue was hasn’t been detailed by Quantic Dream but players have voiced a fair bit of concern over the Denuvo software being involved with a nine-year-old game. Given that it’s Heavy Rain’s debut on PC, it makes some sense that the developer would want to protect the game from being pirated but exactly why it’s included with a free demo isn’t quite clear. And this does suggest that when Beyond Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human arrive on PC later this year, similar anti-piracy software will be bundled in. Denuvo’s impact on gameplay has been the bane of PC players for a while, with the software dragging a game’s framerate through the mud in many cases.