Do you know the Muffin Man?

The latest Hitman 2 update has arrived today, bringing with it five new “Muffin Man” challenges for the Whittleton Creek location.

As you may have guessed, the challenges are all centred around muffins and the West family home. There’s a decent amount of challenge to some of these but the reward is well worth it, with the “Muffin Man” badge of honour snagging you your very own blueberry muffin to take with you on all your murdery holidays.

The five challenges are as followed:

  • Delicious Deliver – pacify five people with blueberry muffins
  • Sleepy Cake – pacify all the servers (by any means) and do not pacify or eliminate Helen West
  • Organic Baking – Eliminate two guards dressed as gardeners in the West garden using the incinerator and do not let their bodies be found
  • Sweet Recycling – Eliminate a target using the garbage truck while dressed as a server
  • Employees Only – find three Providence clues while dressed as a server

Completing these five challenges will unlock the Muffin Man reward and that tasty looking muffin.