Control your excitement.

Remedy is ramping things up a bit, releasing new screenshots of its latest title, Control. The screenshots give us a glimpse into a couple of new characters, enemies, and they all show off the strange, topsy-turvy world that Control will take us to when it arrives on August 27.

Perhaps the most upsetting screeshot is the one that features a fairly unsettling chap holding a broom and talking nonsense. Whether this character will be a passing exhibition in the game (similar to man who could step away from his post) or whether he’ll have a larger role to play in the game remains to be seen, what we do know though is that something happened to a dog and now I can’t think of anything else.

We also get a glimpse of a new enemy in Control, with what appears to be a floaty corpse getting in Jesse Faden’s way. Being a still shot, we don’t have a clue as to what these new ghouls might be able to do in the game but they’re creepy as hell.

The new shots also show protagonist Faden having a chat with someone over a cup of coffee. It suggests that Control won’t all be shooty-bang-bang goodness, and that there might be some investigative moments in the game.

Control arrives on August 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC