I’ve got chills.

Capcom has released a brand-spanking new trailer for its upcoming coming expansion to Monster Hunter World, Iceborne. The new DLC will have a new story, new area, and new monsters (obvs) for you to feast your eyes on. More details are coming at E3 but you can have a watch of the new trailer below.

Iceborne will pick up straight after the events of the Monster Hunter World story so you’ll have had to complete the game to crack on with the new adventure. You’ll be crossing over to the new Hoarfrost Reach in Iceborne after spotting a curious Legiana, where you’ll be hunting new weapons, trying out new weapons, and generally running to and fro a lot.

If you’re heading out to E3 this year then you can try out a few quests from Iceborne, while the rest of us will get some more details coming out of E3.