It’s elementary, my dear Wattson.

EA Play announced the second season of Apex Legends, being called Battle Charge. We also got word that L-Star would be coming to the arena as a care package weapon, and we got a first look at new Legend, Wattson.

We’ll start with the tenth new character for Apex Legends, Wattson. A cinematic short introduced the new fighter, painting her as the “smartest woman in the Frontier,” while game designer Griffin Dean explained that Wattson is a character who can create “strong defences,” in the game. The gameplay of Wattson shows her creating fairly sturdy looking plasma barriers, in what’s certainly the most defensive-looking character we’ve seen in the game so far.

Drew McCoy, Apex’s executive producer, gave us a better idea of what’s included with the upcoming second season of Apex, Battle Charge. Along with the L-Star making its way from Titanfall games to the arena, which is going to be a care package weapon because – as Drew said – it’s “so OP, it’s amazing,” that means you’ll be getting the L-Star with limited ammo and once it’s gone, it’s gone. McCoy also made it pretty clear that the Mozambique would be returning to Apex Legends in the second season as well.

Battle Charge will arrive on July 2 on all platform versions of Apex Legends.