Early Access starts Friday.

The wait is almost over fellow Warriors of Light! Soon we shall be abandoning that mantle and taking up the mantle of Warrior of Darkness for the good of the First.

In this link, you can find the preliminary patch notes for Shadowbringers. the notes inform you where you can pick up the job quests to start your journey as a Gunbreaker or Dancer as well as the changes to various elements within in the game including the removal of TP and the new system used for FATEs.

Remember if you want early access to Shadowbringers, you only need to pre-order and enter your early access code here. Then redeem your new code either on your PS4, PC or Mac depending which platform you pre-ordered Shadowbringers on.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers launches July 2nd on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac. Remember to check on my hands-on impressions here!