If you want it to look good, take it to a Taylor.

There’s more sad news is hanging in the air of GGS Gamer today as we shout farewell to our reviews editor, Viki.

It’s especially tough to see Viki leave because, one: it means I now have no excuse for misspelling Vikki’s name (it happens far more than I’d like to admit). And two: because, frankly, Viki’s been making our (and especially my) reviews look the very best they can since she arrived. Coming by a writer who can not only weave words together in a brilliantly entertaining way AND prod and probe a piece of writing to find even the smallest of cracks in it is no easy task but Viki has been doing both for GGS for a very, very long time.

Viki had been tapping away at reviews and news at GGS a long time before I got here, but since I –- and the rest of us here at GGS -– have been writing alongside Viki, she’s been helping all of us to get the very best out of our work.

As her schedule became busier, Viki has been doing a lot more background work but she still managed to give us a brilliant review of Detroit: Become Human among many other bits and pieces. Her borderline obsession with the Life is Strange titles have always been a source of some of Viki’s best work (and a source for me to try and understand why Chloe is seen as a likeable character), and she even managed to turn her critical eye to film when she ripped into the recent Tomb Raider movie.

She’s given us some of her best years of writing since joining GGS way back in 2015, and while the prospect of not having a Viki Taylor around to help mould our writing into the sublime works they’re published as is a terrifying one, Viki has more than earned herself the chance to go and have some fun in the sun.

So, farewell, Viki. It’s been the wildest of rides and while we’ll miss your helping hand with our writing, your terrifying red comments will haunt GGS Gamer for many years to come.