Spirited Away.

Over the course of last week, Square Enix Japan YouTube channel released individual gameplay trailers for each of the daemons. So, I thought I’d round them up with their individual character bios so you can get to know them before Oninaki releases later this month.

Rigan (Voiced by Atsushi Abe)

A Daemon who’s a natural on the battlefield. Though Rigan’s upbringing left him with a course tongue, his heart is no less kind for it. He still holds distant memories of turning away from a warm, outstretched hand. Rigan uses speed as his weapon, defeating foes by overwhelming them with quick attacks. He also employs counterattacks and evasive rolls for a highly technical style of combat.

Dia (Voiced by Satomi Satou)

A Daemon whose courteous manner and graceful bearing exude an air of refinement. Dia always prioritizes her companions above herself. She still holds distant memories of wandering through the darkness and a faint light dancing in the palm of a hand. Wielding a crossbow in one hand and a pistol in the other, Dia excels at unleashing a hail of attacks from afar. She can spring into the air, putting distance between herself and her foes, even while maintaining the onslaught.

Wil (Voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga)

A cheerful Daemon who’s easy to like, though dealings in his past life have left it difficult for him to trust others. Wil still holds distant memories of roaming far and wide, a time of great joy mixed with bitter hatred. Able to crush foes through stern defences, he boasts the most offensive power of any Daemon, and he can use his massive axes to block incoming attacks.

Zaav (Voiced by Kenji Akabane)

A Daemon with a strong sense of justice and unwavering honesty. Even in death, the inner turmoil Zaav felt in life is evident within him. He still holds distant memories of hatred suffered and deep regrets. Zaav wields spears as he charges into the fray, and he doesn’t flinch at taking a few hard hits. He can also leap into the air, enabling him to attack from land or sky.

Izana (Voiced by Megumi Toyguchi)

Able to maintain her composure in almost any situation, Izana knows how to stand her ground. She is an aloof Daemon who observes the words and emotions of the living with great interest. Izana still holds distant memories of the cold tears of the dead and the twisted smiles of the living. She wields scythes that cut through large swathes of the battlefield with devastating power. She can also move in the blink of an eye, enabling her to strike from the blind spots of her foes.

Gavod (Voiced by Ryoutarou Okiayu)

An audacious Daemon who’s never caught off guard, Gavod is keenly aware of the actions and emotions of others and makes every effort to accommodate them. He still holds distant memories of loved ones, and eyes filled with despair. Gavod is a skilled user of shield cannons, unwieldy weapons that afford the protection of a shield and allow the user to keep up heavy, close-range attacks while waiting to unleash a devastating cannon blast.

Treize (Voiced by Shizuma Hodoshima)

Unfortunately, Treize doesn’t have a character bio on the official website but he looks cool and in JRPGs that’s all that really matters.

Lucica (Voiced by Houko Kuwashima)

Once again there is no bio for Lucica on the Oninaki official website but from the trailer, she seems to equip the player with heavy gauntlets and the spawns heavy-looking shield barriers!

Well, that’s all the daemon trailers with have so far but if more pop up this week, I will continue to expand this article with their gameplay clips and biographies.

Oninaki launches on August 22nd for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC plus there is a demo available on the storefronts for the platforms stated above and check out my impressions for the demo here.