Ember Rise brings a reimagined Kanal map and new Rainbow recruits.

Ubisoft has announced some of the details of the third season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 4 content. Siege map Kanal has been entirely reworked with an emphasis on improved navigation between all areas of the zone, and some new Rainbow recruits are joining the mix to spice up the defending and attacking teams.

Amaru and Goyo will bring grappling hooks and area of effect fire in-game. Amaru is equipped with a G8A1 automatic rifle and a Supernova shotgun and possesses the ability to access any high position with her Garra hook. Goyo uses the dangerous Volcán Shield which is a Deployable Shield with an attached incendiary bomb. You can check out the Ember Rise gameplay video to see how these new heroes can change the ebb and flow of the round.

For PC players you can test out the new content and some game updates today on the Rainbow Six Siege Test Servers. Some of the additional updates include:

  • An all-new unranked playlist containing the same rules as Ranked without affecting players’ rank or MMR.
  • An all-new Champions rank
  • Map rotations have been reworked in Ranked, Casual and Unranked – Player Behavior updates to combat in-game toxicity
  • The Operators menu has been reworked
  • The shop interface has been improved

Rainbow Six Siege will also introduce a Battle Pass, starting with the Mini Battle Pass “Call Me Harry”. The Mini Battle Pass is Phase 1 of Rainbow Six Siege’s Battle Pass deployment in Year 4 and will launch during Year 4 Season 3 for free. By earning Battle Points, players will unlock tiers and unique rewards and will get an exclusive Harry Chibi charm upon completion.